K.J.Car Rentals, Tobago

Terms & Conditions

Relevant Extracts from the K.J.Car Rentals Contract:

  1. All insurance premiums, taxes, etc., are paid by the owner.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for the routine maintenance and care of the vehicle and accessories and will present same for free service every seven days.
  3. In case of neglect, tampering, loss or accident the Hirer agrees to make good the necessary repairs or compensation up to a maximum of $ 5,000. To be paid at least 72 hours after damages done to the vehicle.
  4. Points to be checked before delivery and on return of vehicle: 1. Gasoline 2. Oil 3. Water 4. Tyres 5. Spare Wheel and Tools 6. Lilghts 7. Horn 8. Speedometer Cable Connection and Mileage 9. Vehicle Body 10. Stereo

Terms & Conditions (as printed on the Rental Contract):

The hirer would be solely responsible for all Damages done to vehicle.

  1. no person, other thatn the above shall be entitled to drive during the period of Hire.
  2. Hirer acknowledes and agrees that vehicle is the property of Operator and is to be returned on termination date specified or sooner if demanded by Operator.
  3. Authorised for PRIVATE USE ONLY, (Nor for TAXI or PH use).

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