Sherman's Auto Rentals, Tobago

Terms & Conditions

Relevant Extracts from the Sherman's Rental Contract:

2)   Conditions of Rental Contract

  1. The Hirer is responsible for all routine maintenance and care of the vehicle and accessories
  2. In case of neglect any tampering inside or outside of the vehicle whether through accident or otherwise while in the custody of the Hirer – the Hirer in signing this contract, agrees, whether liable or not, to make good the necessary repairs or compensation up to a maximum of TTD 7.000. This amount must be paid within 72 hours, however if leaving the country within 72 hours the amount must be paid before leaving or legal action would be taken against the hirer.
  3. All insurance premiums, taxes etc. are paid by the Owner.
  4. The Hirer is responsible for the routine Maintenance and Care of the vehicle and accessories and will present same for free service every seven days. Points to be checked before delivery and on return of vehicle: 1. Gasoline 2. Oil 3. Water 4. Tyres 5. Spare Wheel and Tools 6. Lights 7. Horn 8. Speedometer Cable connection and Mileage 9. Vehicle Body

    N.B. The Hirer would be solely responsible for all Damages done to vehicle if Neglection section 3.a). No persons other than those mentioned above shall be entitled to drive during the period of time. Failure to observe this clause terminates the contract with immediate effect WITHOUT ANY FORM OF REFUND. The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that this vehicle is the property of the operator and is to be returned on termination date and time specified or sooner if demanded by the operator.

Collision Damage Waiver Agreement Terms:

N.B. Only Person or Persons on Rental Agreement is covered by this C.D.W. The Insurance does not cover Lost of Roof (soft top jeep), wheels, accessories and broken tyres on cars and jeeps.

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