Tobago Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier. The standard Terms & Conditions of each supplier are detailed below. You will be asked to sign a Rental Agreement and acceptance of these terms on delivery or receipt of your vehicle.

We constantly monitor the performance of our suppliers and may occasionally feel it in your interest to transfer the reservation to another supplier. It may not be possible to notify you before arrival, so must reserve the right to do so without prior notice.

The following major clauses apply, but are not restricted to, each of the vehicle rental agency firms that we deal with on a regular basis.

KJ Rentals - no deposit
Sheppy's from TT$1,500.00 (and up (depending on type of vehicle) cash or credit card
Thrifty's, KCNN - no deposit if clients take full CDW coverage
Sherman's - US$500 deposit even if clients take full CDW coverage

Car Rental Agency Terms & Conditions

Please contact us if you require clarification of any point, or further information.