Trinidad Eco Cultural Experience

Our drive leads via highway through the low lands of Central Trinidad and the rolling hills of South Trinidad. We pass through small villages and towns observing the usual hustle and bustle, stopping on the way for a refreshing drink or some fruit.

Most of Trinidad's East Indian population is living in Central Trinidad where small and large Hindu Temples and prayer flags are dominating the little villages and towns. Our first stop is in Chaguanas where we visit the large statue of the Hindu God "Lord Hanuman" and we learn about rituals and concepts (“if you tie a dried coconut to the temple fence for 16 days all your wishes come true!). Chaguanas, the biggest town in Central Trinidad, has a delightful veggie market and a lively "bazaar street" to visit. Take a taste of some local fruits and enjoy the colourful little shops and stalls along the main road.

From this cultural experience we turn to mother nature: The Pitch Lake in Le Brea. The lake consists of a large underground deposit of bitumen and is by nature and size unique in the world! This surface of the lake looks like elephant skin and can be peeled off! A local guide will explain everything about the lake and it’s use. Weather permitting you can bathe in the "sulphur pools" close by! After this interesting experience we return to your hotel, passing San Fernando, the second largest city in Trinidad.

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