Hike to Trinidad's Mount Tamana Peak

We travel from Port of Spain past many quiet villages and cocoa plantations through rugged unpaved roads to the beginning of the hiking trail. Tamana Cave is situated in the center of the highest mountain in the Central Mountain Range of Trinidad an peaks at 307 meters altitude.This evening tour which entails an uphill walk of approximately 30 - 45 minutes leads us through cocoa estates and evergreen forest. The pace is easy along a trail that winds for the most part under a thick forest canopy. Mother Nature does not guarantee the sightings, but with a little luck we might see the Channel Billed Toucans, Trojans, Halks, and Golden Headed Manikin or even Howler Monkeys.

Mt Tamana peak is treeless and windy and gives an incredible view of the forested slopes of the Central Range with large areas of thick forest and a glimpse of the Gulf of Paria. When twilight steps in we take a rest in front of a large lime stone cave. Waiting for the sun to go down we will witness an eruption from a fissure in the earth - a black cloud of thousands of bats exiting the cave on their nightly foraging journey.

This excursion is moderately challenging with some uphill climbing

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