Trinidad Turtle Watching Experience

(Seasonal: March - August)

We depart Port of Spain at 5pm and drive via highway and several villages to the North East Coast of Trinidad. Passing Valencia we see many agricultural fields and charming small villages. We arrive at Matura Beach at approx. 7pm. Here the "Nature Seekers" await us, a small group of villagers who patrol the beach during the laying season. Now we are guided along the beach to the nesting turtles. This beach is very long stretch at the Atlantic Ocean. The only light is the moonlight - a wonderful experience to be out on the beach in the dark when neither houses surround you nor people are out! It will just be the turtles and us!

These turtles weigh up to 700kg and measure 3-4 meters across. They have undergone few evolutionary changes in their 150-million year history. The female turtles swim thousands of miles, returning to lay their eggs in the sand of the beach of their birth. This is a fascinating and moving 2-hour process. Depending on the time of the year we might see small baby turtles, quickly running towards the sea,
which is their natural habitat.


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