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About Us

Background Information about Yes Tourism

Yes Tourism Ltd was established in 1998 with a simple mission: "to ensure that our guests have the very best and most memorable holiday experience".

It is our sincere desire to provide a professional and supportive service to the tourism industry of Trinidad and Tobago, and why we favor the response "Yes" when meeting your vacation needs.

The Owner and CEO of Yes Tourism Ltd, Mr. Patrick Dankou, first came to Tobago as a visitor in 1989 and immediately fell in love with the island. He has worked for major airlines such as Pan Am, Lufthansa, British Airways and BWIA, shuttling between Europe and Tobago for over 29 years. After becoming a resident, he parlayed his wealth of experience and intimate knowledge of Tobago to launch the company.


Safer Travel
  • A wide selection of tours and activities in Trinidad and Tobago, thoughtfully tailor-made with you in mind. From heart pounding adventure to chilled out island excursion, our unique high-energy or low-impact menu for day and night, land and sea, will assuredly add an unforgettable dimension to your vacation.
  • A dedicated and experienced Multi-lingual team awaits you, with both international and local experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge of the islands.
  • The latest systems with an active social media profile and online presence so holiday preparation is stress free.

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